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Guitarist Leo Cavanagh is located in Vallejo, California, about 30 miles north of San Francisco. He performs, composes, and teaches. He is author of Beyond Power Chords and Guitar for Songwriters, instruction books available nationally.

Leo can be reached at 707-557-5723 or by emailing to

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Music Samples:

Solo Guitar

Leo's Trio (Two Guitars and Upright Bass)

Leo Cavanagh Quintet (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Sax, & Trombone)

Guitar & Violin

Rat Pack Duo (Guitar & Sax)

Guitar, Violin & Bass

Guitar, Violin & Cello

Guitar & Flute

Guitar, Flute & Cello

Guitar, Flute & Bass

Leo Cavanagh & Walter Savage, Guitar & Bass, with vocals

Rat Pack Trio (Guitar, Bass & Sax)

Guitar & Cello

Leo Cavanagh Quartet

Leo Cavanagh and the Ellington Project (Guitar, Viola, & Cello)

Leo Cavanagh and the Ellington Project

Master List of Demos

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